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Our Mission

Our Mission

 Is to uplift voices and create a community of strong, empowered girls and women.

Our Vision

Is to create a safe space for women and girls to grow and provide them with tools and resources to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.

Our DNA started out as a podcast where our goal was to bring on amazing women to tell their personal stories of growth and success. We created to empower other women to break glass ceilings, and create their own versions of success. After just one year, the Podcast grew to over 45 states within the United States and 21 countries. The impact we saw from the podcast pushed us to get more hands-on in the community, and becoming a non-profit(501c3) was the next best thing. Foundation now can give back to communities all across the United States and give women and girls a support system that believes in them and wants them to succeed.

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About our Founder

While living across the country in Rhode Island, Rachel started the Podcast to help uplift the voices of other women, listen to personal stories and give listeners the chance to learn and grow through the art of storytelling and education. Rachel felt it was vital to share her network, life experiences and stories of other women to others who might be in similar situations as she was growing up. Because of the success of the podcast, Rachel made a non-profit organization to continue its work of creating a community of strong, empowered girls and women. 


Our DEI Mindset

We believe diversity is every part of what makes you who you are, it is a passionate love and pursuit of difference and understanding. We strongly believe that equity provides equal opportunities to every individual that deserves a chance to pursue their dreams and passions. Inclusion to us is an understanding and curiosity that every individual has special qualities that make them who they are and a desire to recognize and embrace these qualities. We embrace all people, ideas, perspectives, visions, dreams and walks of life. We promise to always commit to constantly listening and learning, caring for others and striving to improve. At, we intend to serve all people who identify as fem. This includes cisgender and trans women. We embrace gender expression and extend our services to those identifying as female, which is unique to each individual.

Who we Serve serves women and female-identifying persons from all walks of life within the US from the ages K-12 and College/Post Grad. Our resource events (Spring and Summer) are intended for those who are facing financial hardships and considered low-income or self-supporting. Our development events (Fall and Winter) do not have any financial eligibility requirements.



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