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Upcoming Events

For questions about events or eligibility, please visit our FAQ page or email us at
Summer, Fall and Winter Events will be added shortly

Spring Scholarships

Thank you to everyone who applied for our GIRL Power and Women of the Future Scholarships. The application window is now closed and recipients will be contacted by April 29th, 2022. 

Summer Backpack Drive

Thank you to everyone who joined us or our Back to School with Backpack Drive. This event will be held yearly, tentative for June 2023.


Q: Who can apply for events?
A: is intended for girl/female and women identifying individuals from the ages K-12 and College/Post Grad attending school or working within the United States.
Q: Am I considered low-income or self-supporting?
A: determines low-income parameters on each states median income. Please refer to this website to confirm if you fall within these parameters: ([…]guidelines-federal-register-references/2021-poverty-guidelines). If you still have additional questions on low-income requirements, please email us at
Q: Can I apply on behalf of someone else?
A: Yes. Parents, guardians, counselors, care givers can apply on behalf of someone else. Although, the person you are applying for should be involved in the applications completion and questions.
Q: Is there anything I cannot use a scholarship on?
A: We encourage the intention of our scholarships to be for girls and women to utilize the award for personal growth. Ex. Hobbies, workshops, after school programs, extra curricular activities, books, uniforms, experiences, new work clothes, etc. If a recipient has a question about scholarship use, they can reach out to to determine if applicable.
Q: What is considered College or Post Grad?
A: College is considered anyone who attends Community College, University, Higher Education, Trade School, etc. Post Grad is anyone early in their career right after graduating High School or College.
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