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Meet The Team

Carolyn LaGrone.png

Rachel Cox


San Diego, CA

Patricia Cardozo.png

Patricia Cardozo

Director of Events

San Diego, CA

Morgan Norville.png

Morgan Norville

Director of Diversity, Equity

& Inclusivity

San Diego, CA

Kelsey Habich.png

Kelsey Schnittgen

Director of

Career Development

Chicago, Illinois

Queena Prince.png

Queena Prince

Member at Large

Columbus, OH

Katherine Hanna.png

Katherine Hanna

Member at Large

Los Angeles, CA

Carlyn LaGrone

Vice President

Denver, CO

Katie Montgomery.png

Katie Montgomery

Director of Marketing

Oakland, CA

Molly Edwards.png

Molly Edwards

Director of

Community Outreach

Chapel Hill, NC

Marie Quinn.png

Marie Quinn

Member at Large

Nashville, TN

Azahalia Valdez-Rosas


San Diego, CA

Sam Seng.png

Samantha Seng

Director of Policy

Sacramento, CA

Alexandria Robinson.png

Alexandria Robinson

Director of

Donor Relations

Northwest Indiana, IN

Christine Huang.png

Christine Huang

Member at Large

Palo Alto, CA


Patty Bribiesca


San Diego, CA


Rachel Diaz

Content Manager

Gainesville, FL

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